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This design was so-named because it represented the end of an evolutionary process preceded by several earlier designs from which the features of the Iguana evolved. The deck is rounded down to the seam line facilitating centered cockpits and the option of offside paddling for the front paddler. The volume of the boat is shifted to the front, which gives the boat a long flat stern. The boat has soft chines in the paddler compartment, tapering to rounded chines in the bow and stern.
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This is a big volume centre-cockpit slalom C-2 with relatively flat decks. The boat was designed for paddlers over 80 kg. It has hard chines in the body compartment area that are carried out to the ends. The boat was designed to be paddled flat with the cockpits offset. The seam line of the boat was quite sharp and so it was a benefit to sit close to each paddlers “on-side”. Offside paddling was not facilitated in this design.
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The Chute is a recreational racing C-1 designed for the paddler over 85kg. It has considerable volume in the front and body compartment allowing for a comfortable seat height and room for the legs under the back deck. The volume of the back of the hull allows the boat to pivot well. The hull is transversely flat with a moderately hard chine, particularly in the cockpit area and forward, giving the boat good lateral stability for the larger person and helps to maintain tracking. 
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The Fanatic is a more highly evolved Super Max, which incorporates flatter decks and hulls (therefore less volume than the earlier design), enhanced pivoting and increased forward speed. This is a racing machine, which requires knowledge of edge-control, pivoting and offside paddling skills. It is definitely one of the finest racing slalom canoes ever designed. It does require a period of adaptation to be comfortable in this boat, as it requires ones knees to fold compactly. It would not be a boat for the larger paddler over 80kg. 
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  Super Max
This boat was the first of a whole series of C-1s designed in the USA in the ‘70s and ‘80s that, along with improved C-1 paddling skills, revolutionized C-1 slalom racing. One of the key design features was a rocker point, which was slightly behind longitudinal centre of the boat. In front of this point was a long relatively flat hull section, which gave the boat good forward speed. When the weight was shifted behind the rocker point, the ability to execute a pivot turn was enhanced. In slalom racing, where speed on the turns is everything, this design was very successful.
It has enough volume to be stable and buoyant in big whitewater and is a fine boat to learn C-1 paddling skills.
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