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Rocky Mountain Cruiser

This is a 16’ river canoe with a 34” beam. It is a river canoe because it has no keel, which improves its maneuverability in moving water. The presence of a keel would relegate it to the status of a lake canoe. However this canoe is suitable for flatwater with two adult passengers and two smaller children. For anything above Grade I moving water, it would be suitable for two adults and gear for overnight camping. If solo paddling, more room would be available for longer trips. This is a tried, tested and proven design and would make a great general-purpose family canoe. Fabricated with lightweight composite materials, this canoe could be made to weigh in at 22 kg.  

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Whitewater Tripper

This canoe measures 16.5 feet long with a 36” beam. It has high ends and 16” of freeboard, making it a very good boat for whitewater tripping on extended jaunts, like the Nahanni River (two weeks of paddling). It is capable of hauling several hundred pounds of gear and two passengers comfortably. The boat comes with oak gunnels, ash seats and thwarts, as well as a carrying yoke. Made with vinyl ester resin and kevlar composite, the boat would weigh in at 30 kg.  

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Challenger Solo Open Canoe

With the length a shade over 13’ and a width of 24”, this boat evolved from a slalom C-1. It has a rocker point just behind the centre of buoyancy. When the paddler is seated normally, the boat glides on the front portion of the hull. But when the weight is shifted back, the boat fulcrums onto the back of the hull allowing the bow to be moved quickly around. It is the kind of boat that is a pleasure to paddle in and out of the eddies is a Grade II-III whitewater river. It can be equipped with airbags so that it could be rolled following a capsize. This is a sporty whitewater open canoe

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Discovery…the Sea Kayak

“Discovery” is an expedition sea kayak with some unique features. It is 19’ long with hatches in the front and rear, separated from the paddler compartment with bulkheads. The rear bulkhead is located about 30 cm behind the rear rim of the cockpit, which provides ample storage space behind the seat. The front and rear storage compartments are huge and the boat can carry a substantial amount of gear for an extended trip. The seat is composite, with a spring-loaded back, which can be folded forward to gain access to the compartment area behind the seat. The kayak is equipped with a rudder controlled from the foot pegs. Probably the most unique feature of this kayak is that the hull has quite a lot of rocker, giving exceptional turning capability, and making it able to navigate on rivers. With its rudder down, it tracks well, even in a following sea. 
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